Interview Assignment

Role Overview 
The Teaching & Learning team provides pedagogical training and instructional design services to our content creation partners.  This role will sometimes have to take existing syllabi and assess them against learning design best practices and provide feedback directly to the content creation team about recommendations and next steps. 
Assignment Instructions

For this assignment, you will create a presentation video with a list of content improvement recommendations for this draft Specialization on Online Course Provider. We are interested in how you will apply pedagogical best practices to improve this online learning experience and how you will recommend this to the partner directly. Please note that we’d hope to see instructional design best practices exemplified in your presentation approach.
The assignment should be submitted as a video recording of a presentation. Please do not exceed 15-minutes in video length. This assignment should take you no longer than 3-5 hours to complete. It can be brief -- just a slide on any major perspectives or points based on your review and a simple video recording will suffice.
Presentation approach:
Advise pedagogical best practices and instructional design recommendations to the partner team developing this content. The expectation is not that you will fully explain all the best practices we currently provide to content partners or that you possess a deep knowledge of our platform tools (although basic familiarity with Online Course Provider course format is encouraged). Instead, we’re excited to see your ideas for developing learner-centric content and consulting best practices based on your expertise in online learning, along with your presentation skills. 
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